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Real English Training offers a training and development service of excellence, with skilled professional staff.
Our services make a recognised positive contribution to businesses and individuals by helping them to achieve with confidence.

  • I can help individuals and businesses to boost performance through quality training, coaching or mentoring

  • Responsive development and coaching offered by a skilled professional

  • Individually designed learning and development

  • Support packages designed to suit your needs

  • Flexible support on line, by phone or face to face

  • A focus on the needs and achievement of each person

Would you like to improve your English skills?

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What people think about Real English Training

This teaching very much boosted my confidence when doing presentations in English. As a result my sales have increased and my business has benefited.
AC, Spain
It is really helpful to have someone who helps you to work out what you need and supports you to achieve it.
ML, England
I understand English people and English culture much better now.
YZ, China
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